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In Scotland, we want to see the care system at the top of the Church’s agenda. That’s why we are always looking to inspire and equip more churches across the nation, helping them play their part to ensure that every child experiences the stability, care, and sense of belonging they deserve. If you or your church community are passionate about care experienced children and those who care for them, we would love to hear from you!

We also have a wonderful, growing team of volunteers across Scotland, from the Orkney Islands, to Aberdeen, Glasgow to Edinburgh. We are always seeking more volunteers to help us inspire the local Church, offer peer support to prospective and/or current carers, and ultimately find homes for the many children who are waiting. To find out about becoming a volunteer in Scotland, click below or contact your local team member today!

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The Scotland Team are also committed to sparking systemic change too and are proud stakeholders of The Promise. The Promise Scotland is responsible for driving the work of change demanded by the findings of the Scottish Independent Care Review. We help gather the stories, experiences, and wisdom of care-experienced children and those who care for them, and we help build a bridge between those whose voices that are too often ignored, and those who have the power to enact real change, ensuring the Scottish Government #KeepThePromise.

To help stay up to date with Home for Good Scotland news and events you can join our Facebook Group, a growing community of church leaders, current carers and others who are passionate about care experienced children and young people and those who care for them. Alternatively, you can read our latest update.

Key Contact

Rosie Campbell

Rosie Campbell

North-East Scotland Coordinator

Rosie Campbell is the North-East Scotland Coordinator. She lives in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire and is a pastor’s wife and mum to two young children. When not working, you will probably find Rosie and her kids ‘oot-and-aboot’, walking down the beach, at the park or in a local café. Rosie was previously a social worker in the area of fostering, adoption and kinship. Primarily involved with families in the pre-approval stage, Rosie lead training courses, supported people with enquiries, and conducted assessments for prospective foster carers and adoptive parents. Sharing her heart for the vision of Home for Good Rosie writes: “From a young age I have sensed God creating in me a passion for fostering and adoption and the needs of vulnerable children. In my primary school yearbook, I wrote that when I grew up, I wanted to buy an island and live there, turning the whole place into a residential home for children! While I have not yet managed to buy an island, this passion and sense of calling has manifested in different ways throughout my life. God has given me many dreams about what my family life, my home, my church and my work might look like. During my university years, I was led towards a decision to train as a social worker. Around the same time, I became aware of Home for Good and quickly became excited about their work and vision. Working as a social worker, I loved my job and had the privilege of crossing paths with so many incredible, inspiring and interesting people. God used this to humble me and blow my ideas of family and ‘normal’ life to pieces. My passion for this area of work and for the needs of children in our country is so entwined with my faith and my sense of God’s purpose and so it is a joy to be able to support others exploring the role they could play.”

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