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Each year in the UK, tens of thousands of children and young people come into care, often from challenging circumstances. Children may have experienced a lack of stability, perhaps abuse or neglect, or their family may be going through crisis. All have experienced trauma and separation, even those who come into care at birth.


children and young people will come into the UK care system this year.


of children in care are in foster care.


new foster families are urgently needed to ensure all children and young people can be cared for in the right placement for them

Fostering is an opportunity to give vulnerable children and young people a safe place in a stable and loving home while their birth family is unable to look after them. Some may need a home for a few nights, others for a few months or years, and some will need to be looked after throughout their childhood. All will need care, compassion and support.

The loss and trauma that these children and young person have experienced will understandably have an effect on each one. Some may struggle with trust, confidence or building appropriate relationships. Some may have health issues, developmental delays or additional needs. Some may not be able to cope with challenges and big emotions, and this will outwork in their behaviour. It will look different for every child.

Foster carers are needed for children of all ages, but there is often a particular need for families who are able to look after groups of siblings, children with disabilities or complex needs, children of black and minority ethnic heritage, unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, and teenagers.

If you are considering fostering, we would love to help you explore this further. Contact us through the form below or call our enquiry line on 0300 001 0995 and one of our team will be pleased to talk with you.

You can also attend an information event, where our experienced team will answer your questions and help you navigate your next steps.

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Understanding fostering

Discover more about how children come to foster care and the role of the foster carer.

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Types of fostering

An overview of the different types of fostering, which ensures all children can be in the right placement at the right time.

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The fostering assessment process

An overview of the process from initial enquiry to approval.

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Pathway to fostering

How Home for Good is working with local authorities and not-for-profit independent fostering agencies throughout the UK.

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Fostering FAQs

All the frequently asked questions compiled into one helpful list.

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