Supported lodgings

A family-based provision for young people aged 16+

Could you provide a safe and supportive home for a teenager in care?

Nearly a quarter of young people in care are over the age of 16. However, there are limited high-quality options for accommodating these young people in safe, appropriate places, with a shortage of foster carers able to care for teenagers and huge variation in the quality and support of semi-independent and independent settings. When social workers have no choices available to them, young people can often find themselves in settings far away from home with little support and few people to turn to who can offer them belonging and keep them safe. In the worst instances, this can leave them vulnerable to exploitation and harm.

Around 35,000 children will come into care each year.

(Source: Home for Good. 2022. Statistics. Available online.)

Almost one quarter of children in care are aged 16 or over.

(Source: Home for Good. 2022. Statistics. Available online.)

The numbers of teenagers in care rose by 26% between 2012/13 and 2018/19

(Source: Children's Commissioner. 2021. Characteristics of children entering care for the first time as teenagers.)

The relational needs of any young person are incredibly important. Every young person needs a family or tribe by their side every step of the way who are unwaveringly committed to their wellbeing.

Supported lodgings is a provision for young people aged 16 or over, whereby they live in the home of a ‘host’ family, individual or couple. For some young people, the greater independence that supported lodgings offers can feel more appropriate to their life stage than other options. But in sharing a home through supported lodgings, young people can learn practical life skills in a safe space with the encouragement of a trusted adult. Hosts have the privilege of standing alongside young people during this transition time, offering support, experience and care.

Supported lodgings isn’t right for every teenager but at Home for Good, we believe it could be a great option for many. We want to raise awareness of this unique opportunity and journey with pioneering individuals, couples and families as they explore whether they could offer this type of care

If you are considering becoming a supported lodgings host, we would love to help you explore this further. Contact us through the form below or call our enquiry line on 0300 001 0995 and one of our team will be pleased to talk with you.

You can also attend an information event, where our experienced team will answer your questions and help you navigate your next steps.

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Start your supported lodgings journey

Join the Supported Lodgings National Network

The SLNN is a collection of local authorities and organisations who provide (or are interested to start providing) supported lodgings schemes across England.

By working together, the Network aims to strengthen the quality and use of supported lodgings provision across the country by sharing best practice, facilitating connections and collaborative working, and providing a forum for innovation to emerge.

It’s easy – and completely free – to become a member. We especially welcome membership from those local authorities who do not currently run a supported lodgings scheme but would like to come and find out more about this cost-effective, home-based provision.

Join the Network here

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