Peer Support

There is nothing like sharing with others who have the same first-hand experience as you; who just ‘get it’. Home for Good wants to facilitate peer support wherever possible to ensure that everyone looking after care-experienced children is part of a community of support.

If you’re interested in accessing peer support, you can:

1. Connect with an Enquiry Peer Support Volunteer

Home for Good Enquiry Peer Support Volunteers are people from across the UK who are willing to share their own personal experiences to support those considering fostering, adoption or supported lodgings. If you would like to get in touch with someone in your area, or with someone who has experienced something similar to what you’re currently navigating, call our Enquiry and Family Care Team on 0300 001 0995 or complete this form, ticking ‘support’ and we will do our best to connect you.

2. Connect with a Home for Good Peer Support Group

Home for Good Peer Support Group Volunteers facilitate Home for Good Support Groups across the UK.

Connecting with others who have a shared understanding, experience and passion can be incredibly valuable. We need people who will celebrate with us the good times. We need people who can empathise with us in complex, difficult situations – whether they have answers and guidance, or can just listen. In short, we need community. Home for Good Peer Support Groups offer the opportunity for those exploring fostering, adoption or supported lodgings and those caring for care-experienced children to meet together and to experience the value of a community of others who ‘get it'.

There are Home for Good Peer Support Groups across the UK. If you are interested in joining a Peer Support Group, you can complete this form, ticking ‘support’ or find a group locally using our map below, and connect directly. 

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