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Fostering is an incredible thing to do. To be there to meet the needs of a child or young person and walk with them through their challenges and successes, to offer them time and space to be themselves, to help them learn to receive care and love and make sense of the story of their life, to be part of enabling them to trust adults again, is an immense privilege.

But there is a shortage of foster carers across the UK.

The number of children entering care last year increased by 3%. The Department of Education reported a one third drop in applications to become foster carers last year.* This shortage is especially marked in the numbers of foster carers willing to care for teenagers.

What do teens need from foster care?

We believe that teenagers should have the opportunity of being placed with foster carers who will commit to them, and offer them the security they need, so they can go on to fulfil their potential.

Teenagers need the same love, acceptance, patience and encouragement as every other child.

Fostering FAQs

Fostering is an opportunity to give vulnerable children and young people a safe place in a stable and loving home while their birth family is unable to look after them. Some may need a home for a few nights and others for a few years. All will need care, compassion and support.

Each year in the UK, many thousands of teenagers come into care, usually from difficult or desperate circumstances. These teenagers have likely suffered a lack of care or stability, abuse or trauma, or their family may be experiencing crisis. The majority of these children will be placed in foster care.

Foster carers are needed for children of all ages, but there is a particular need for carers for:

  • Teenagers (and children over the age of 10 more broadly)
  • Sibling groups (especially groups of 3 or more)
  • Children with additional needs
  • Asylum seeking children (who are almost certainly teenagers).
  • 'Parent and child' (Giving them the chance to learn the parenting skills they need and stay together)


What is fostering? Who can foster? What qualities do foster carers need?
What is the process to become a foster carer?
What support is given to foster carers?

Home for Good is working with local authorities to find foster carers to care for teenagers.

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